October  Group Show                          


“KISS”, for Homage Klimt”

In the acc gallery, we would like to hold a special exhibition under the title,“KISS”, for Homage Klimt”.


Gustav Klimt was a well-known Austrian painter from the late 19th to early 20th centuries, who formed the Vienna Secession and was a representative Art Nouveau painter and symbolist who did not put the boundaries between decorative art and fine art.


Although the 11 artists participating in the exhibition are working in different styles, this exhibition is intended to either be influenced by their own work among Klimt's works or to experimentally try new things through the theme of this special exhibition.


 This exhibition was planned with the hope that it would serve as an opportunity to renew the artist's spirit as artists living in the present age, the spirit of which Klimt wanted to reinvent and rejuvenate rather than follow the traditional ones of the past through his works.

Participate Artists

Monica Seo

Hobong Kim

Namjoo Kim

Bong jung Kim

Heesoo Kim

Michelle Chu

Joohyun Kang

Christine Seo

Taesook Jung

Juri Rhyu

Rokhyun Baek


September,23 ~ October,09

Hobong Kim solo show



















 "New York Rhapsody in the Box - to me, it seems to be that the lives of many New Yorkers are reflected in the abandoned boxes on the street," said Kim.  "


   These are the current appearance of us living in so many boxes that are unavoidable due to the high degree industrialization. In the Box, people are waiting for train; people are sitting or standing expressionless in the train; people are looking at their cell phone; people are just walking fast to somewhere.  New York, a symbol of materialism and capitalism, is the Tower of Babel and idol of their desires.  

   It is also cruel place where inhuman and nonsensical organic relationships are interwined and struggle for survival. In it, we keep chasing towards something uncatchable.”                                       


   Hobong Kim was born in Korea (1962) and graduated from Hong-ik University in Seoul.  After graduating graduate school from the same university, he worked in Seoul and won several awards in major art competitions.  When he came to New York, he was attracted to video art at New York University Graduate School (Studio Art), and he worked on videos and exhibitions for many years after graduating from NYU.  He then moved to New Jersey and continued to work  on his painting, having several solo and group exhibitions in different countries. He currently teaches adults and students at Artcom center, a private studio.


                                                        KIM  SEUNG YEON 
                                                PRINTMAKING SOLOSHO

                             “Night Landscape, the mezzotint works series 

Professor Seungyoun Kim was born in Seoul in 1955. He graduated from Hongik University, majoring in Western Painting, and received a Master's degree in Western Painting from Hongik University's Graduate School of Western Painting, and a Master's Degree in Western Painting and Printmaking from the State University of New York, USA. 

  In 1993, he won the first prize at the Ljubljana International Print Biennale, Slovenia, and afterwards, he received the Sponsor Award, Japan Koji International Print Triennale, Germany Furechen International Print Triennale,  the Biennale Sponsor Award, the 98 Slovenia Agat International Print Festival Excellence Award, and the Italian Biella International Print Triennale Grand Prize. Also, 2000 Silver Prize at Tsingtao International Printing Biennale, China, 4th Prize at Japan Koji International Printing Triennale in 2002, 2007 International Printing Prize at Guanlan International Printing Biennale in China, 2007, Edmonton International Printing Art Museum Award in Canada in 2011, Russian International Mezzotint Festival in 2013 It won the Stival Print Award and the second prize at the 2015 International Print Biennale in Chassel, France. 


  He also served as president of the Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association and served as a professor of printmaking at Hongik University's College of Fine Arts for several decades.

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Dec 22 ~ Jan 09, 2007
Kyung Sook Park Solo clay exhibition

Dec 22 ~ Jan 09, 2007
Park, Ji Sook Solo Exhibition
Organic Image

Jung Sang Gon solo Show  2006
Baek Kyumjoong Solo Show,2005

SOO JIN HAN solo exhibition




Hi Betcy, I Hope You Have a Great Time!,

wood, string, tape, paper, 6'x12'x9', 2005

Holiday Art Show
Dec 15 ~ Jan 31 2005 

Fall Art Show 2004
for Helping the poorest children
with World Vision
Isabel Carrio
Deborah Kohn
John A. Kujawski
Jong Wang Lee
Myung Sik Kim
Sohyun Kim
Hobong Kim
Kazuya Morimoto
Namjoo Kim
Moonsoo Baek