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ACC Gallery presents


"INVISIBLE ROOM", Group show

Jan 17 ~ Feb 11,2023 

opening reception 6 to 8 pm, Jan 21 (Sat) 


This show examines our interpretations of daily life as it fulfills or rejects social norms.

How do our connections create a sense of play and intimacy? How is connections also a limiting  experience? The artists represented here are concerned with the process of gaining perspective on these experience.

Curated by Sunhee Yoon

본 전시는 사회적 규범들을 충족하거나 거부하는 일상에 대한 우리의 해석들을 점검해본다.
여성으로서 사회와의 관계 속에서 어떠한 친밀감을 경험하고 형성하는가 혹은 환경속에서 어떠한 제한적 경험을 하는가?
전시에 소개된 작가들은 이러한 경험들을 토대로 얻은 관점을 제시한다."


7 artists 


1, JeongMee Yoon

Born in Seoul, South Korea in 1969, she majored in painting at Seoul National University, Seoul, photography design at Hongik University, Seoul, and studied at the School of Visual Arts, New York, USA.


Red Face series, Light jet Print


“My work is about (Korean) working woman who have to juggle many roles simultaneously.  I write and wipe out ‘KOREAN’, ‘WOMAN’, ‘MOTHER’, ‘WIFE”, ‘DAUGHTER-IN-LOW’, ‘ENDURE’, ‘SURVIVE’, AND ‘DAUGHTER’ words repeatedly on my face with pure red lipstick. Also, I do banal house matters hardly wearing superman costume in another video work. The piece seems deviant, stupid and serious all at the same time as well as ironic, so viewers fell funny, uncomfortable and smirk with bitter smile. The imagery is a little disconcerting. 





2, Jihye Baek 

Jihye Baek is an artist and photographer born in 1986 in Seoul; She received a Bachelor’s Degree from Kingston University in England and a Master’s Degree from Pratt Institute in New York, U.S.A. Currently residing in New Jersey, she works on photography and mixed-media on the basis of female psychology and sociology.

“My current work in photography and mixed media deals with the abstract experience of motherhood and domestic life. Images of domestic space and surreal still life images reflect on the happiness of life which create a tension between happiness and sense of emptiness; implicitly and explicitly, suggesting psychological disquiet. Metaphorically, my  works are a reference to memories based on unexpected emotions.” 



Red Face series, Light jet Print, 2004.jpeg

3.Minjung Lee



“My work employs realistically drawn surfaces of various objects as a sculptural medium. Blurring the line between sculpture and drawing, the work is placed at the conflicting state of being present and represented, and material and immaterial to measure the distance between the physical world and mind.”


Mirror Gazing, 2020

32x25x2.5 inches(framed)

colored pencil on museum board, picture frame buttons, artist's frame.


4, Yukiko Nakashima 


My studio practice is an analysis of my identity through unverbalized narratives. I have many stories and emotions untold, just like any woman in today’s world. 


The brush strokes are the urgencies. The layering is the scar. The colors are the voices. The drippings are the bodily fluids. The paint blobs are the records of passing time and the open space is the breath taken. The abstraction is the language that I construct to speak my inner most feelings.


I believe it is artist’s duty to continue to speak up, in the manner that she feels is best suited, to say “we are here, and we will not be invisible.”

Words in My Hands.jpeg

5, Eunsun Park 


Eunsun Park currently lives and works in Seoul. Graduated from the Department of Western Painting at Dongguk University College of Art in Seoul and graduated from the National Academy of Rome, Italy.

Selected as a resident artist program at home and abroad, 'D' International Residency Program (Daemyung Studio), Gana Atelier, Changdong Art Studio 1st, Birla Academy of Art and Culture Residence (Calcutta, Shantiniketan, India), Passages ( Trois, France) and the Cite' Internationale Des Arts.


A Road,  a.d.1/10, 80x54.3cm lenticular 2022


6, Julia Wagner 


Julia Kadlec-Wagner is Director of the Metro Writing Studio located on the Metropolitan Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University where she Lectures in Academic and Creative Writing. She earned her Certificate to Teach Writing at Montclair State University while helping to establish their First Year Writing Program.  

“I have a powerful connection to language often seeing patterns and images in words beyond their written expression. This fascination was supported and developed through reading, writing, and music.  Music, as a language beyond words, provides many narrative possibilities.  I love taking words beyond their literal meanings.  Playing with language, meaning and nonsense, as well as rhythm,  is a rich source of inspiration in all my poetry. “   


7, Sunhee Yoon


Born in Seoul, Korea, Sunhee Yoon received her MFA from Pratt Institute. She is  an environmental installation artist, and art educator. She teaches at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Manhattanville College. She has had 12 solo shows, as well as group shows in the United States, Korea, and Germany.


“The Living Organisms” presented here,  resemble parts of the human body, as well as mountains, clouds, and trees that she combines to symbolize the global environment. Much like the mother-child relationship, human beings also have existing relationships with nature expressed in sentiments such as “Mother Earth” and “Homeland”. Using aluminum wire, pipe-cleaners, felt, and yarn, Sunhee combines the physical and biological bonds humans create, and re-imagines them as emotional ties, and ties we create with the natural world.”


December 09, 2022~ January 14, 2023

Yung C Kang  Solo Show


"Liberation Note"

opening reception

Dec 09 (Fri) 6pm ~ 9pm

<An invitational exhibition by Yung C Kang> 


Liberation notes


Dr. Kang has practiced dentistry for several decades in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Before going to dental school, he double majored in Chemistry and Art in college. While working as a dentist, Dr. Kang has always had a passion for art. He reminds me of Dr. Gachet, Van Gogh's psychiatrist. As a spiritual supporter of Van Gogh and as a friend, he loved art and did art. 


It's been four years since he started painting again as a challenge and a commitment to himself. He is not wooing recognition from the audience. He wishes to be himself, free from imposed boundaries and established practices. Rather than attempting to reproduce perfect circles, he desires to find joy in drawing curved lines of a bulbous, misshapen potato with pieces of evidence of actual life in full display. He yearns to bring forth what he sees and feels inside himself. 


The true beauty of abstract art derives from personal expressions of memories and experiences that shape the artist's life. It may be best to leave critics and viewers to formulate their interpretations, unaffected by unnecessary input or explanation, as it allows him to continue to pursue meaningful growth as an artist. I hope he strives for true liberation by continually developing his colors, shapes, and patterns. 


His liberation has ultimately been a way to find art and himself. He stated, "I realized that the greatest freedom becomes possible when I am true to myself. I was lost, wandering in my own life while constantly surrounded by the consciousness of others. I have only recently begun living my life while taking steps to liberate myself, free of distractions from other people. "  I genuinely admire his liberation along with his art journey.


   Oct 11 ~ Oct 31,2022                        


“KISS”, for Homage Klimt”

In the acc gallery, we would like to hold a special exhibition under the title,“KISS”, for Homage Klimt”.


Gustav Klimt was a well-known Austrian painter from the late 19th to early 20th centuries, who formed the Vienna Secession and was a representative Art Nouveau painter and symbolist who did not put the boundaries between decorative art and fine art.


Although the 11 artists participating in the exhibition are working in different styles, this exhibition is intended to either be influenced by their own work among Klimt's works or to experimentally try new things through the theme of this special exhibition.


 This exhibition was planned with the hope that it would serve as an opportunity to renew the artist's spirit as artists living in the present age, the spirit of which Klimt wanted to reinvent and rejuvenate rather than follow the traditional ones of the past through his works.

Participate Artists

Monica Seo

Hobong Kim

Namjoo Kim

Bong jung Kim

Heesoo Kim

Michelle Chu

Joohyun Kang

Christine Seo

Taesook Jung

Juri Rhyu

Rokhyun Baek


September,23 ~ October,09

Hobong Kim solo show



















 "New York Rhapsody in the Box - to me, it seems to be that the lives of many New Yorkers are reflected in the abandoned boxes on the street," said Kim.  "


   These are the current appearance of us living in so many boxes that are unavoidable due to the high degree industrialization. In the Box, people are waiting for train; people are sitting or standing expressionless in the train; people are looking at their cell phone; people are just walking fast to somewhere.  New York, a symbol of materialism and capitalism, is the Tower of Babel and idol of their desires.  

   It is also cruel place where inhuman and nonsensical organic relationships are interwined and struggle for survival. In it, we keep chasing towards something uncatchable.”                                       


   Hobong Kim was born in Korea (1962) and graduated from Hong-ik University in Seoul.  After graduating graduate school from the same university, he worked in Seoul and won several awards in major art competitions.  When he came to New York, he was attracted to video art at New York University Graduate School (Studio Art), and he worked on videos and exhibitions for many years after graduating from NYU.  He then moved to New Jersey and continued to work  on his painting, having several solo and group exhibitions in different countries. He currently teaches adults and students at Artcom center, a private studio.



                                                   July to August,2022

                                                     KIM  SEUNG YEON 
                                                PRINTMAKING SOLO SHOW

                             “Night Landscape, the mezzotint works series 

Professor Seungyoun Kim was born in Seoul in 1955. He graduated from Hongik University, majoring in Western Painting, and received a Master's degree in Western Painting from Hongik University's Graduate School of Western Painting, and a Master's Degree in Western Painting and Printmaking from the State University of New York, USA. 

  In 1993, he won the first prize at the Ljubljana International Print Biennale, Slovenia, and afterwards, he received the Sponsor Award, Japan Koji International Print Triennale, Germany Furechen International Print Triennale,  the Biennale Sponsor Award, the 98 Slovenia Agat International Print Festival Excellence Award, and the Italian Biella International Print Triennale Grand Prize. Also, 2000 Silver Prize at Tsingtao International Printing Biennale, China, 4th Prize at Japan Koji International Printing Triennale in 2002, 2007 International Printing Prize at Guanlan International Printing Biennale in China, 2007, Edmonton International Printing Art Museum Award in Canada in 2011, Russian International Mezzotint Festival in 2013 It won the Stival Print Award and the second prize at the 2015 International Print Biennale in Chassel, France. 


  He also served as president of the Korean Contemporary Printmakers Association and served as a professor of printmaking at Hongik University's College of Fine Arts for several decades.

jong wang.jpg

Dec 22 ~ Jan 09, 2007
Kyung Sook Park Solo clay exhibition

Dec 22 ~ Jan 09, 2007
Park, Ji Sook Solo Exhibition
Organic Image

Jung Sang Gon solo Show  2006
Baek Kyumjoong Solo Show,2005

SOO JIN HAN solo exhibition



Hi Betcy, I Hope You Have a Great Time!,

wood, string, tape, paper, 6'x12'x9', 2005

Holiday Art Show
Dec 15 ~ Jan 31 2005 

Fall Art Show 2004
for Helping the poorest children
with World Vision
Isabel Carrio
Deborah Kohn
John A. Kujawski
Jong Wang Lee
Myung Sik Kim
Sohyun Kim
Hobong Kim
Kazuya Morimoto
Namjoo Kim
Moonsoo Baek
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