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I have been dealing with my experiences in some places and owned objects in my childhood under theme of recomposition of memory. My works trace those trivial memories, or those objects that triggers the memories, and those images that are engendered from the shown images through the media or indirect experiences, and t them into the 3rd space, and rearrange them just like i would a puzzle. The memories of the past coexist with the other pieces of memories, forming a new molding space. It is as if it becomes the 3rd memory palace, a space where our childhood playground exhibits the toys of youth-- prancing here and there, creating rivalry, or associating them to unrelated meanings--forming a narrative of our own.














Kim, Hobong was born in Korea (1962 ~) and graduated from Hong ik University, Seoul. After graduating graduate school from the same university, he worked in Seoul and won several awards in major art competitions. When he came to New

York, he was attracted to video art at New York University Graduate School (Studio Art), and he had worked on videos and exhibitions for many years after graduation N.Y.U.. He then moved to New Jersey and continued to work on the painting work, having several solo and group exhibitions