2020    Candidates for Admission to Art Colleges

Columbia University 

Visual Arts

Erin Chung  (Asheville H.S.) 


Cornell University 

Landscape Architecture

 Eric Jung    (Stuyvesant H.S )



$37,485 per year scholarship 

Janice Kim (Fax Lane H.S.)



Janice Kim

Erin Chung  (Asheville H.S.) 


Purchase SUNY

Janice Kim


Bergen Tech High School

추하은 (Wyckoff M.S.) 


2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners

Erin Chung  (Asheville H.S.) Gold Key

2019 Federal Junior Duck stamp Contest

Erin Chung  (Asheville H.S. NC)  1st Place

이 동후 2nd Place

2019 Candidates for Admission to Art Colleges



Chung, Mina (Riverdale H.S.) scholarship 28,000 per year


Boston Univ.

Chung, Mina ( Riverdell,H.S.) Full scholarship 



Park, Eugeine (Northern Valley Old Tapen H.S.) scholarship 21,000 per year


Pratt Institute

Park, Eugeine (Northern Valley Old Tapen H.S.) scholarship 21,000 per year

Kim, Haley  (Glen Rock H.S.)

Angela Lim (Ballston Spa H.S.)

Park, Jina (Northern Valley Old Tapen H.S.)

Chung, Mina ( Riverdell,H.S.) scholarship 26,000 per year



Chung, Mina ( Riverdell,H.S.) scholarship 30,000 per year



Park, Jina (Northern Valley Old Tapen H.S.)

Kim, Haley  (Glen Rock H.S.)

Chung, Mina ( Riverdell,H.S.) scholarship 29,000 per year



Chung, Mina ( Riverdell,H.S.) scholarship 31,000 per year



Chung, Mina ( Riverdell,H.S.) scholarship 30,000 per year


2018 Candidates for Admission to Art Colleges


Joshua Lee (Northern Valley Old Tapen H.S.) scholarship 15,000 per year


Cornell Univ.

HyunJoon Kim (Tenafly H.S.)



Dahee Kim ( Riverdell,H.S.) scholarship 12,000 per year

Ayoung Kim (Leonia H.S.)



Sunmin Kim (Tenafly H.S.) scholarship 19,200 per year

Joshua Lee (Northern Valley Old Tapen H.S.) scholarship 20,000 per year


Pratt Institute

Sunmin Kim (Tenafly H.S.) scholarship 26,000 per year

Dahee Kim ( Riverdell,H.S.) scholarship 26,000 per year

Justin Yi (Cresskill H.S.)scholarship 10,000 per year



Sunmin Kim (Tenafly H.S.) scholarship 12,000 per year


2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners

Gold Winner

HyunJoon Kim (11 G,Tenafly H.S.)

 Steven Kim (10 G, Bergen Academy)

Silver Winner

Eugenie Park (11 G, Nothern Valley Old Tapan H.S.)

HyunJoon Kim (11 G,Tenafly H.S.)


2018 Federal Junior Duck stamp Contest

Amy Woo (Fort Lee M.S.)

1st Place

Haley Kim 

2nd Place (Riverdell,M.S.)


2017 Federal Junior Duck stamp Contest

1st Place  HyunJoon Kim (11 G,Tenafly H.S.)

3rd Place Steven Kim (10 G, Bergen Academy)


Eleventh Grade Winner  Handeul Kim (Glen rock H.S.)

Seventh Grade Winner Amy Woo (Fort Lee H.S.)

2017 Candidates for Admission to Art Colleges

Yubin Lee (Bergen Academy)

Parsons scholarship $20,000 per year

Brendan Leddy (Nothern Valley Old Tapan H.S) S.V.A. 


2017 Bergen Tec admission

 Lynn Yoon (Fort Lee M.S.)


2016 Ocean Awareness Student Contest

 Lynn Yoon (Fort Lee M.S.) Silver Awrd, $300


2016 Bergen Academy admission

Grace Ok (Ridgwood M.S.)

2016 Congressional art compititon  5th Place

Joshua Lee (11th G, Nothern Valley Old Tapan H.S.)

2016 Candidates for Admission to Art Colleges

Celin Kim (Nothern Valley Old Tapan H.S.) 

R.I.S.D.(scholarship $14,000 per year), Parsons (scholarship $20,000 per year), Pratt (scholarship $28,000 per year)

Soowon Joo, M.I.C.A.    S.V.A.  Pratt.

YeonJae Kim (transfer)

S.V.A. Pratt(scholarship $20,000 per year).

Prasons (scholarship $27,500 per year)

Dayoung Ahn

Parsons (scholarship $25,000), Suny Phurchase, S.V.A. (scholarship $50,000)

2016 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners

National winner  

Silver   Azra Yun (Riverdell H.S.)

Rigional Winners

Gold    Yubin Kim (Bergen Academy)

             Azra Yun (Riverdell H.S.)

             Jenna Kim (Northern Valley Demarest H.S.)

Silver  Hyunjoon Kim (Tenafly H.S.)

             Miriam Kim (Bergen Academy)

             Soowon Joo

2015 Congressional art compititon  4th Place

  Yubin Lee 10th G (Bergen Academy)

2015 NJ School bus Safety Poster Contest "Bully Free Zone" 1st Place

  Cara Chong, 5th G

2015 Federal Junior Duck stamp Contest

Lynn Yoon (6th G) 1st Place (4 th G ~6th G)

chelsea Lee (7thG)  2nd Place (7thG~9th G)

Ezra Yun (9thG) 2nd Place  (7thG~9th G)

Ester Go  (11thG) 3nd Place  (10thG~12th G)

Dahee Shin  (9thG) Honorable mentioned (7thG~9th G)

Hyunjung Joo (8thG) Honorable mentioned (7thG~9th G)

Joshua Lee (9thG) Honorable mentioned (7thG~9th G)

2015 B.C.C. Art Show first place (7thG~8th G)  -- Chellsie Kim

2015 Bergen Academy Admission - Miriam Kim (Tenafly M.S.)

2015 Candidates for Admission to Art Colleges

School of Visual Art , Parsons, -- Caroline Kim

2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners



           Narhee Kim 

           Lizzie Oh

           Sohee Kim 


           Soowon Joo, Jeana Kim Narhee Kim ,

          Honorable mentioned

         chelsea Lee, Carol Kim,

2015 Cornell Design Award  Silver

          Celine Kim (Nothern Valley Old TapanHS)

2014  P.T.A. Reflections National Award of Merit

         Narhee Kim (10th G,,Arlington HS) New York         

2014  "Women's equility Day" Award "Begen county 

            Lizzie Oh ( 8th G,Haworth Public School)

            Jeana Kim (9th G Northern Valley Demarest HS)

"2014 Federal Junior Duck Contest"

            2nd Place S.y. Park (11 thG Tenafly HS)

            2nd Place Yubin Lee (9th G Bergen Academy)

            3rd Place Jeana Kim (9th G Northern Valley Demarest HS)

            1st Place Erim Hur (5th George G. White MS)

            2nd Place chelsea Lee (6th G)

            2nd Place Kara chong (4th G)

            1st Place Kangsan Kim(3rd G)

2014 Bergen Academy Admission - Euijun(Andy) Choi (Ridgewood MS)


2014 Candidates for admission to art college & Univ.


Brown Univ. RISD dual major -  Erica Oh (Bergen Academy)

R.I.S.D. -  Joseph Lee (Nothern Valley HS) $11,000 scholarship per year

Parsons-Wonhyung Do (CresskillHS) $34,000 scholarship,per year

24,              Joseph Lee $000 scholarship per year

Pratt-Cindy Kim (Ridgewood HS), $19000 scholarship per year


         Joseph lee $25,000 scholarship per year

SVA-  Jeonghyun Lee,

         Wonhyung Do $25000 scholarship per year

F.I.T.    Wonhyung Do $7,000 scholarship per year


2014 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners 

National Winner Silver,Narhee Kim(10th G,,Arlington HS) New York

Regional Winner Gold, Joseph Lee(Nodern Valley HS)

Regional Winne   Gold Noelle Yoo (Ramsey MS)


2013 Candidates for admission to art college & Univ.

Mirhee Kim (Arlington HS) early admission "HARVARD Univ."

Jisoo Sim (River Dell HS)Parsons Scholarship $35.000 per yearPratt Institute Scholarship $30.000 per year

Sarah Choi (Pascack Valley) R.I.S.D. Scholoship $18000 per yearSVAPratt institute $35.000 per year

Parsons School of Design $40.000 per year


2013 Bergen Academy Admission

Yubin Lee (Haworth MS)


2013 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners

National Winner GoldErica Oh 10th G (Bergen Academy)

National Winner SilverWonhyung Do (Cresskill HS)

Regional Winners Gold Jisoo Sim (River Dell HS)

                                          Sohee Park (River Dell HS)

                                          Wonhyung Do (Cresskill HS)

                                          Joan Son (Bergen Academy)

                                          Sarah Choi 10th Grade (Pascack Valley)

Honorable mentioned  Soowon Joo 9th G(Academy of Holly Angels)


2013 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Centest

2nd place Wonhyung Do (Cresskill HS),


2012 Candidates for admission to art college & Univ.

Moonyoung Jung (Englewood Academy) Carnegi melonMerit Scholarship $35,000 per year Syracuse Pratt Art Institute Merit Scholarship $21,000 per year

Marteen SeoParsons School of DesignMerit Scholarship $ 19,000 per yearPratt Art InstituteMerit Scholarship $18,000 per year

Catherine Song (Choate RosemaryHall)Parsons School of DesignMerit Scholarship $ 12,000 per yearSchool of Visual ArtsPratt Art InstituteMerit Scholarship $18,000 per

Jin Lee 12th G (Rutherford HS)Parsons School of Design,Ringring Design school


2012 Bergen Academy Admission - Hae won Choi (Glen rock MS)


" 2012 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners "

National Winner American vision Mirhee Kim 11th G (Arlington HS)

Regional Winners Gold Key Sarah Choi 10th Grade (Pascack Valley)

Silver Key (portfolio) Moonyoung Jung 11th G (Englewood Academy)

Silver Key Suzzana Bae 10th G


2012 Environmentaa International Art Contest

Gold AwardErica Oh 10th G (Bergen Academy)

Platinum WinnerDaniel Chung 10th G (Riverdell HS)

CDM-Watch Winner: Sohhee Park 8th G (River Dell )Nolle Ryu 6th G (Ramsy)



2012 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Centest

New Jersey State1st place (10th Grade ~12th Grade) Erica 10th G (Bergen Academy)

2nd place (10th Grade ~12th Grade)Jisoo Sim 10th G (River Dell High School)

1st place (7th Grade ~9th Grade)Chelsie Park 8th G (Tenakill MS)

Nolle Ryu 6th G (Ramsy)

2nd Place (7th Grade ~ 9th Grade)So hee Park 8th Grade (River Dell)

Soo won Choi 7th Grade (River Dell)

Irin 8th Grade (River Dell)


2011~08 Candidates for admission to art college & Univ.

Carnegie Mellon

Grace Shin (Pascack Valley H.S.) $37.500 x 4 years Scholarship

Elizabeth Song (Trinity H.S.) $56.000 x 4 years Scholarship


Yong Lee (Pascack Valley H.S) $47.000 x 4 years Scholarship

Eliizabeth Song (Trinity H.S.) $38.000 x 4years Scholarship

Parsons School of Design

Jennifer Lee (Pearl River H.S.) Jaemin Kim, Joyce Lee (Paramus H.S.) Jiyun Kim (Paramus Catholic HS)

RISD(Rhode Island School of Design)

Veronica Lee (Fort Lee H.S.) $15000 x 4 years Scholarship

Yong Lee (Pascack Valley H.S) Elizabeth Song (Trinity H.S.)

School of Visual Arts

Veronica Lee (Fort Lee H.S.) Joyce Lee (Paramus H.S.) Jiyun Kim (Paramus Catholic H.S.) Jaemin Kim

Pratt Institute

Jennifer Lee (Pearl River H.S.)Joyce Lee (Paramus H.S.)Yong Lee $16.000 x 4years Scholarship Elizabeth Song $16.000 x 4years Scholarship

School of Art Institute Chicago         Veronica Lee (Fort Lee H.S.)      Jiyun Kim (Paramus Catholic H.S.)

Cornell University                              Hyun Choi (Bergen Academy)

Boston University                              Veronica Lee (Fort Lee H.S.) 4 years Full Scholarship

University of Southern California      Veronica Lee (Fort Lee H.S.) 2 years Full Scholarship

New York University                          Veronica Lee (Fort Lee H.S.) 56000x 4 years Scholarship

Duke University                                 Hyun Choi (Bergen Academy)


2011 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Winners "

National WinnersSliver KeyEsther Hwang 11th G (Bergen Academy)Catherine Song 11th G (Choate Rosemary Hall)

Regional Winners1 Gold Key Jinjoo Hong 12th G (River Dell High School) 1 Gold KeyJisoo Sim 10th G (River Dell High School) 3 Gold KeysEsther Hwang 11th G (Bergen Academy) 1 Gold KeyMoonyoung Chung 11th G (Englewood Academy) 1 Gold KeyCatherine Song 11th G (Choate Rosemary Hall) 1 Silver KeyGrace Chang 12th G (Northern Valley Old Tappan) 1 Silver KeyEsther Hwang 11th G (Bergen Academy) 1 Honorable MentionCatherine Song 11th G (Choate Rosemary Hall)

2010~09 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold KeyVeronica Lee (Fort Lee H.S.) Silver KeyBernard Kim (Bergen Academy)2010 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest 3rd Place Emily Cheon (Bergen Academy) 2nd PlaceJiwon Park (Norwood P.S.)1st Place Ashley Choi (Rutherford Union S


2010 Bergen Academy Joanne Son (Ridgewood M.S.)

2009 Bergen Academy Emily Cheon (Ridgewood M.S.)

2008Bergen Academy Sally Choi (Eisenhower M.S.)

                                               Hope Lee (Brookside M.S.)

                                               Joo hyun Lee

we are very

proud of 

our students !

" I learned not only the basic skills to paint and draw, but also the techniques to put together unorganized thoughts into one complete artwork. "


 Admitted to  Parsons $38,400 per year

                             S.V.A $ 25,000 per year

                             F.I.T.$15880 per year


                                                      Wonhyung Do, Cresskill H.S.