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portfolio class

This class helps students who want to apply to get admissions at private high schools,

art colleges, and even, Ivy League Universities.

portfolio plays an important role in the admission review process. Portfolios are reviewed with

the goal of identifying the creative and technical skills, abilities and potential of each applicant.

A portfolio should reflect each individual's unique art background and experiences.

No portfolio will ever be compared to another when assessing admission eligibility.

Portfolio art work must be an originality, and unique. no photo copy

This class takes 3 hours at a time.

hobby class

Anyone can learn how to enjoy drawing, painting in many ways,

also they can get experience about every material like a pencil,

charcoal, pastel, pen, acrylic and oil painting even mixed media so that

they will have an ability to express their self in various way.

This class takes 2 hours at a time.

"Studying art under teacher Hobong over the years have helped me grow more as a student, an artist, and a person."



                                                         Joseph Lee (Nothern Valley HS)

               Admitted to 2013  R.I.S.D. $11,000 scholarship per year

                                                      Pratt $25,000 scholarship per year

                                                Parsons $24,000 scholarship per year

AP Class 

why take AP studio art?

The course is aligned with both the National Art Standards and State Standards• It challenges highly motivated high school students to perform at the college level• Students may receive placement and/or credit in college (Check individual schools for qualifying scores)• The student creates a sophisticated body of work (portfolio) which helps students stand out in the college admission process by demonstrating:• commitment to academic excellence• study habits necessary for rigorous course work• advanced creative problem solving skills

 Class Schedual

                                                                                        River Edge

                                                                                          Tuesday 4:00 ~ 7:00pm


           Thursday 4:00 ~ 7:00pm                                                                      

               Saturday10:00 ~:1:00pm


                                                                                           Mon,Wed, Fri, 4:00~7:00pm

           Tue                    10:30~1:00pm

             Sat                     2:00 ~ 6:00pm

 " I've learned how to express creativity in many different ways; art is skills and techniques combined with synergic ideas."


admitted to 2013 RISD with 15,ooo, Parsons with 46,000, SVA 30,000, Pratt 40,000 scholarship award per year.

                                                                                                                                                         soomin Choi                                                 



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