Deram, Desire, Oblivion, series  

When I came to New York a long time ago, my first impression was black

color and the cold winter which is bitter wind blowing from the Atlantic

Ocean between building forests. Numerous Black Outfit New Yorkers

bustle. The scene here felt like a scene from a movie. Since I was young, I

especially enjoyed watching and listening to American movies, rock n 'roll'

and pop songs, it was a place of yearning that I wanted to go and see for

myself, so I don't know if it is natural for me to feel that way. It is also true that I was excited to see Hollywood movie stars and famous artists there. That is why my current work includes famous artists.


Due to the unique area of New York where I live until now, the crowd with

various faces of different races, the world that is reflected in their eyes

based on them, and the people in my vision looking at them, where the

crowd is heading and what they are waiting for and what they are living for. I often use black and white colors to distort and delete the environment surrounding the crowd, leaving it empty.


  A butterfly that can be mistaken for a vague hope to the crowd, I put the butterfly into the crowd surrounding a distorted space or empty white space, and but a meaningless number scattered in disorder signifies New York, the most symbol of capitalism on Earth, also selfish human desire.

 In the end, I think our lives are as empty as the space. We, like Samuel

Beckett's play "Waiting for Godot," explore the meaning of life and

eventually realize it's pointless, yet we live waiting for something like a

vague hope or savior.

2016~ 20018

Series of Recomposition of Memory 

hobong kim,memory of oblivion2
hobong kim,memory of oblivion
Blue bird

The Keywords of "Recomposition of Memory" exhibit are Dream, Desire, and Oblivion. Recomposition of memory represents a process of visualizing remembrance and unconsciousness. The French surrealist Andre Breton, who authored  Manifesto of Surrealism, quoted, “The mind, placed before any kind of difficulty, can find an ideal outlet in the absurd.  Accommodation to the absurd readmits adults to the mysterious realm inhabited by children.”  Kim Ho Bong's painting reflects Andre Breton's words. It could be said that his artwork is in the realm of Neo surrealism. His creative process is to recreate the visual integration of unconsciousness and reawakened dreams on his canvas. The unseen world of unconsciousness becomes painted art, and its visual language enchants the viewer. Recomposition of memory is an incarnation of his dream, desire, and oblivion.

fairytale series 2015~ 2005


The idea of my recent works are a reconstruction of objects I obtained from my past. Each object represents a separate memory, but when those objects are assembled together, it becomes a new meaning in my personal story.

Missing U
toy story2
Toy story I
understanding each other
the way to provence