September,23 ~ October,09

Hobong Kim solo show

ACC Gallery presents "New York Rhapsody in the Box" - a Hobong Kim solo exhibition - from September 23 to October 9, 2022.  He has been dealing with his experience in New York life, working with digital printing and charcoal drawings on abandoned carbon boxes for this show.                                 


     "New York Rhapsody in the Box - to me, it seems to be that the lives of many New Yorkers are reflected in the abandoned boxes on the street," said Kim.  "These are the current appearance of us living in so many boxes that are unavoidable due to the high degree industrialization. In the Box, people are waiting for train; people are sitting or standing expressionless in the train; people are looking at their cell phone; people are just walking fast to somewhere.  New York, a symbol of materialism and capitalism, is the Tower of Babel and idol of their desires.  It is also cruel place where inhuman and nonsensical organic relationships are interwined and struggle for survival. In it, we keep chasing towards something uncatchable.”                                       




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Hobong Kim was born in Korea (1962) and graduated from Hong-ik University in Seoul.  After graduating graduate school from the same university, he worked in Seoul and won several awards in major art competitions.  When he came to New York, he was attracted to video art at New York University Graduate School (Studio Art), and he worked on videos and exhibitions for many years after graduating from NYU.  He then moved to New Jersey and continued to work  on his painting, having several solo and group exhibitions in different countries. He currently teaches adults and students at Artcom center, a private studio.